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Interns for Nebraska

The Nebraska State Chamber is working towards helping local businesses close the job gap.  The State Chamber has talked to over 15,000 plus businesses across the state who have voiced their need for skilled workers.  So the challenge becomes making sure Nebraska’s young people have the skills necessary to fill the jobs that are available.  One of the ways Nebraska is doing this is through an internship program—a way to incent businesses to create more internships in Nebraska.  According to Chamber Executive Vice President Richard Baier, “The research is clear that students who intern with a private business tend to stay with that business after graduation at a much higher percentage.”  To read more go to

The Nebraska Cable Communications Association (NCCA) membership companies use interns in their media, marketing, operations and production departments.  During the 2013 Legislative Session, the NCCA testified in support of Senator Tom Carlson’s bill, LB 476, that modified the provisions of the InternNE program to allow more flexibility for businesses, educational institutions and students by: 1) changing the definition of student to include first and second year students; 2) eliminating the minimum week and hourly requirements; 3) focusing on quality internships in technical and professional areas; 4) increasing the maximum reimbursement up to 75% or $7,500 per internship; and 5) requiring the Department of Economic Development to prepare an action plan every other year.  The NCCA supports this type of legislation because the ability to offer internships with our member companies through the InternNE program adds value to our mission of promoting the cable industry.  The Business and Labor Committee prioritized this legislation and it was signed by the Governor on May 16, 2013. To find a copy of the bill or to read the testimony from the hearing go to