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NUSF – 77, P.O. No. 10

On October 1, 2013, the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) issued Progression Order No. 9 seeking comments on whether it should: 1) establish a cap on the amount of NEBP support provided to each company on an annual basis; 2) cap the total support amount possible for each project filed; and 3) establish a limitation on the amount of support given on a per household basis. The purpose for these recommendations were to ensure that funding was available for more than one or two applicants in a given funding year and to encourage the reasonable and efficient use of the limited broadband grant funds.  On November 25, the PSC issued a finding that it will continue to evaluate the propriety of establishing such caps/limitations and will revisit the issue once it has had an opportunity to collect more data.  Here is a link to NUSF-77, P.O. No. 10

Download NUSF-77, P.O. No. 10