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Lt. Gov. Nelson announces ‘Broadband in Nebraska’ plan

LINCOLN – Lt. Governor John Nelson recently announced the release of a state broadband plan. Broadband in Nebraska: Current Landscape and Recommendations lays out a vision for broadband in Nebraska, sets goals and makes recommendations to further broadband development in Nebraska. Read more: Continue reading

NUSF – 77, P.O. No. 10

On October 1, 2013, the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) issued Progression Order No. 9 seeking comments on whether it should: 1) establish a cap on the amount of NEBP support provided to each company on an annual basis; 2) cap the total support amount possible for each project filed; and 3) establish a limitation on the amount of support given on a per household basis. The purpose for these... Continue reading

LR 343 Interim study to study look at Nebraska USF and Federal USF

This afternoon in Lincoln, the Transportation & Telecommunications Committee concluded their hearings on LR 343.  Click HERE for a link to the study. .  Today, the committee invited 5 experts on the Nebraska Universal Service Fund (USF) and the Federal USF and the programs they support.  The first three testifiers were national experts on the Federal USF and testified as a panel.  The panel... Continue reading

Interns for Nebraska

The Nebraska State Chamber is working towards helping local businesses close the job gap.  The State Chamber has talked to over 15,000 plus businesses across the state who have voiced their need for skilled workers.  So the challenge becomes making sure Nebraska’s young people have the skills necessary to fill the jobs that are available.  One of the ways Nebraska is doing this is through an internship... Continue reading

Occupation Taxes

The Tax Modernization Committee held its last hearing today in Lincoln. The testimony today like the hearings before focused on property taxes.  The NCCA used this opportunity; however, to provide the committee with a letter providing them with an overview of the occupation taxes imposed across the state and the impact they have on our customers. Click to download a copy of the letter – NCCA... Continue reading

NCCA Annual Meeting 2013

The NCCA Annual Meeting is being held in Omaha/Council Bluffs on the evening of Wednesday, August 21- Thursday, August 22.  This is a great networking opportunity for cable industry professionals.  If you are interested in attending or would like additional information please click on the following link: Continue reading

The NEW NCCA Website now available!

Please take some time to review our new website that is in action now. Continue reading

Events Page, Coming Soon!

To stay alert to latest happenings, we are soon announcing our Events Blog. Here we will list all of the latest events and ever changing information pertaining to NCCA. Stay tuned and please join our mailing list for this announcement and release. Continue reading